Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO GMP Today, Live IPO Grey Market Premium 2021

Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO GMP is very attractive to date. Here in the below tables, you can check Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO GMP, Kostak, and Subject rates. Grey Market premium for Tatva Chintan Pharma is around ₹500.

The Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO will hit the market soon, and you can apply for the IPO from 16th July to 20th July 2021. Tatva Chintan Pharma is planning to raise ₹500 Crores through an IPO which consists of a fresh issue of ₹225 crores worth equity and OFS (Offer For Sale) of ₹275 crores by existing shareholders. Also, check IPO GMP for upcoming IPOs.

Latest Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO GMP- 

Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO GMP table is updated every day to give you the exact grey market premium for Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO.

DateIPO GMP Kostak RatesSubject to Sauda
28/07/2021 ₹1130 900 ₹8600
27/07/2021 ₹1130 900 ₹8600
26/07/2021 ₹1040 900 ₹8600
25/07/2021 ₹1040 900 ₹8600
24/07/2021 ₹1020 900 ₹8600
23/07/2021 ₹980 ₹900 ₹8600
22/07/2021 ₹920 ₹900 ₹8600
21/07/2021 ₹860 ₹900 ₹8600

Should you subscribe to Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO?

We have researched and mentioned the strengths and risks of the Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO. The final verdict will help you make the right decision.

Strength – 

  • Leading manufacturers of phase transfer catalysts (PTCs) and structure directing agents (SDAs).
  • Global presence with customer base of various industries.
  • Manufacturing plants strategically located near the Hazira port.
  • Promoters with extensive experience in the speciality chemicals manufacturing industry.
  • Company has a good financial history.

Risks – 

  • Increase in cost of raw materials can cause a huge impact on their operating profits. 
  • Failure to meet the standard norms of Indian Government or International Government can be a major risk to their products.

Final Verdict – 

Leadership in SDAs and PTCs help them maintain a strong market position. The client portfolio is well diversified in various industries like automotive, paints, petroleum, etc. The company has strong export connections in the international market, which helps them grow their business. This all contributes to the company’s success, thus giving investors a lot of confidence to invest in the Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO.

Investors can invest for the long term in the Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO. It’s early to predict but Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO can give great listing gains by seeing its grey market premium. You can check the details of Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO here.

Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO Dates & Price Band:

Open date16th July 2021
Close date20th July 2021
Total Size of IPO₹500 Cr.
Fresh Issue 225 Cr.
Offer for Sale₹275 Cr.
Price Band₹1073 – 1083
Face Value₹10 per share
Listing onNSE and BSE
Retail Investor’s Portion35%

Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO Market Lot:

The minimum market lot of Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO is 13 shares with 14,820 applications. Retail investors can apply for 14 lots with 182 shares application worth 197,106.

ApplicationLotSharesCut Off Amount
Minimum (RII)11314,820
Maximum (NII)14182197,106

Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO Allotment & Listing Dates:

Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO’s open date is 16th July and the closing date is 20th July. Allotment of shares will be done on 26th July and the listing date on NSE & BSE is 29th July 2021.

Allotment Date for Tatva Chintan Pharma- 26th June 2021
Refund Date for Tatva Chintan Pharma – 27th July 2021
Credit of Shares to Demat Account – 28th July 2021
Listing Date for Tatva Chintan Pharma – 29th July 2021

About Tatva Chintan Pharma:

Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem Pvt. Ltd. was established in Ankleshwar in 1996. They are leading manufacturers of SDAs for zeolite in India. In addition to this, they are global producers of various ranges of PTCs. There SDA and PTC have various applications in green chemistry, which initiates the go green motive. 

They are constantly searching for new solutions to ensure the safety of the environment while also delivering to their client’s expectations. One of the green chemistry processes they have undertaken is electrolysis. Tatva Chintan Pharma serves various industries like automotive, paints and coatings, agrochemical, pharmaceutical, personal care, and fragrance.

Shekhar Somani, Chintan Shah, and Ajay Patel are the promoters of Tatva Chintan Pharma. Promoters have deep knowledge and immense experience in the manufacturing of specialty chemicals. Promoter’s experience helps the team manage operations and grow their business effectively. As a result, the company has a competitive advantage over its peers.

Client Portfolio – 

They work with well-known brands in specific industries, and the list goes on like Lauras Labs, Otsuka Chemicals, Atul Ltd., SRF Ltd., Hawks Chemicals, Divi’s Laboratories, Merck, Ipox Chemicals, Bayer AG, Navin Fluorine International Limited, and Firmenich Aromatics Pvt. Ltd.

Competitor’s Comparison –

Sr.No.Company NamePE 
1Aarti Industries Ltd.41.8
2Alkyl Amines chemicals Ltd.59.29
3Vinati Organics Limited43.78
4Fine Organic Industries Limited41.35
5Navin Fluorine International Limited30.12

Frequently Asked Questions on Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO GMP:

What is the Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO GMP today?

Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO GMP is ₹1130 as of today.

What is the last date to apply for Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO?

20th July 2021 is the last date to apply for Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO.

What is Kostak Rates of Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO today?

Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO Kostak Rates is ₹900 as of today.

Will Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO GMP increase?

It’s too early to say that but we can expect a good premium on Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO.

Can Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO give listing gains?

Investors can invest for the long term in the Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO. It’s early to predict but Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO GMP can give great listing gains by seeing its. You can keep a track of Tatva Chintan Pharma IPO GMP here. 

Disclaimer for Investors:

  • We on ipogmp.in do not buy or sell any kind of IPO forms.  
  • Do not subscribe to IPO just by seeing its GMP. You should do proper research about the fundamentals of a company.
  • IPO GMP changes every day and you can view the changes in the above table.
  • Always apply to an IPO after understanding financials and discussing with your financial advisor.
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