List of upcoming IPOs in 2021

Here is the list of upcoming IPOs in 2021 the Indian stock market. The process of IPO is done with the inspection and permission of Sebi. Company files DRHP (draft red herring prospectus) and if Sebi agrees to this then the next step company takes is filing RHP (red herring prospectus). When Sebi approves DHRP and RHP, then the IPO of the company is registered, and their identity is changed from Private Limited to Limited.

The success of IPOs in 2020:

2020 will be remembered as one of the historic years for the IPO market as a response from retail as well as HNI investors were immense. 10+ IPOs were registered in 2020 and 3 of them gave 100% listing gains. Many big companies like SBI Cards and Payment Services Ltd., Burger King Ltd., UTI Asset Management Company, CAMS, etc. made entry into the market this year. This year was really special for IT, Food Industry, and Chemical Industries as the listing gains for them were more than 50% premium. Happiest Minds Technologies, Route Mobile and Chemcon Speciality were the companies that showed 100% + premium on listing day.

What can we expect from upcoming IPOs in 2021:

As seen recently the demand for IPOs is increasing among investors so there are high chances that many companies will try to become public and expand their businesses. We expect many big names in an upcoming IPO list for 2021 like LIC, Kalyan Jewellers, Barbeque Nation, RailTel, IRFC, Nykaa, Lodha Developers,  HDB Financials, and many more. This is a positive sign for investors as they can invest in their favorite companies. 

IPOTentative Size Tentative Dates
IRFC₹4,633 Cr.18 – 20 Jan 2021
Indigo Paints₹1,176 Cr.20 – 22 Jan 2021
Home First Finance Company₹1,153.72 Cr.21 – 25 Jan 2021
Stove Kraft₹412 Cr.25 – 28 Jan 2021
Brookfield India Real Estate₹3,800 Cr03 – 05 Feb 2021
Nureca ₹100 Cr.15 – 17 Feb 2021
RailTel Ltd.₹819 Cr.16 – 18 Feb 2021
Heranba Industries₹625 Cr.23 – 25 Feb 2021
MTAR Technologies₹596 Cr.03 – 05 Mar 2021
Easy Trip Planners2021
Anupam Rasayan₹760 Cr.12 – 16 March 2021
Laxmi Organic ₹600 Cr.15 – 17 March 2021
Craftsman Automation₹823.70 Cr.15 – 17 March 2021
Kalyan Jewelers₹1175 Cr.16 – 18 March 2021
Suryoday Small Finance Bank₹582.34 Cr. 17 – 19 March 2021
Nuvoco Vistas₹5,000 Cr.2021
GoAir₹3,600 Cr.2021
Shriram Properties₹800 Cr.2021
Rolex Rings₹135 Cr.2021
Zomato₹8,250 Cr.2021
Glenmark Lifesciences₹1,160 Cr.2021
Aditya Birla Sunlife AMC2021
 Fincare Small Finance Bank₹1,330 Cr.2021
Dodla Dairy₹800 Cr.2021
Sona Comstar₹6,000 Cr.2021
Seven Island Shipping₹600 Cr.2021
Aadhar Housing Finance₹7,300 Cr.2021
Arohan Financials₹1,800 Cr.2021
KIMS₹700 Cr.2021
India Pesticides₹800 Cr.2021
Chemplast Sanmar₹3,500 Cr.2021
HDB Financials₹10,000 Cr2021
Harsha Engineers₹370 Cr.2021
Bajaj Energy₹5,450 Cr.2021
Shyam Steel₹500 Cr.2021
LIC₹70,000-80,000 Cr.2021
Aakash Educations2021

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Upcoming IPOs Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is IPO?

Initial Public Offering is companies process to get listed in the stock market and become a public company from a private company. In this process, the company files DRHP first, and if this is approved by SEBI then they file RHP and if Sebi also approves to this then they can make their company Public.

Why is IPO so important?

The company sells its stake to the public and in return, they get liquidity which is used for the business expansions as given in RHP.

Why should a company go for Initial Public Offering (IPO)?

Every business wants to expand and for expansion they need liquidity. This liquidity can be arranged by investors by the process of IPO. As per valuations, a company comes with IPO for the public with a certain price band which is decided by merchant bankers.

How can I apply for IPO?

You need a Demat account to apply for IPO. You cant apply without a demat account.

Are IPOs Good Investments?

Yes, IPOs are a good investment for the short term and also for the long term. But you need to check the fundamentals and financials of the company first.

Can I sell IPO immediately?

Yes, you can sell IPO immediately on listing day with help of your broker and gain some short-term profits. A second way to sell IPO applications is in a grey market before listing day.

How do I sell IPO on listing day?

Either you call your broker and sell the stocks or you can trade them with the help of your Demat account.

How can we track grey market premium(GMP) for IPOs?

You need to visit the IPO GMP page to know the updated premium in the grey market. 

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