Grey Market Premium, DelaPlex IPO GMP, Today

Please see the most recent information available as of right now on the following: Kostak rates, Subject to Sauda rates, and Delaplex IPO GMP (IPO Grey Market Premium). There has been no activity in the Delaplex IPO GMP. The most recent IPO GMP figures for the Delaplex IPO GMP will be provided to you. We appreciate you taking the time to read this and your interest.

Delaplex IPO GMP

Introduction Delaplex IPO GMP, Today

January 24 is the date of the DelaPlex IPO. DelaPlex is a technology and software development solution and consulting company that assists its clients in achieving market value, growth, and revenue. In 2023, the company’s revenue was ₹55.22 crores, compared to ₹50.34 crores in 2022. The pricing range for each equity share in the IPO is set at ₹186 to ₹192. On NSE, the DelaPlex IPO will list.

What is today’s DelaPlex IPO GMP?

₹60 is the DelaPlex IPO Grey Market Premium, or GMP.

What is today’s DelaPlex IPO Kostak Rates?
₹- is the Kostak rate for the DelaPlex IPO.

What Does the Current Sauda Price Mean for the DelaPlex IPO?
₹25,000 is the IPO price for DelaPlex, subject to Saudi rates.

Anticipated Returns from DelaPlex’s IPO?
DelaPlex projects a 31% return.

Today GMP




The Grey Market Premium (GMP), also known as IPO GMP, is a metric derived from assessing the demand for a company preparing to launch its Initial Public Offering (IPO).


Software development and technology solutions and consulting firm DelaPlex assists customer businesses in generating growth, profits, and market value. Their Company offers the newest tools, technology, and software development solutions thanks to its partnerships and skills with a variety of industry players. Supply Chain Consulting, Custom Software Development, Cloud Services, and Data Science are among the areas in which their company is an international technology partner.


The company also provides a range of technology solutions, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, DevOps, security solutions, integrated infrastructure, and software-defined data centers. designed with their channel partners and end customers in mind. i. To tackle IT issues, they develop cutting-edge fixes. Holding 51% of the business’s shares, delaPlex INC. is the parent company of delaPlex Limited (dpl), a U.S.-based enterprise.

Company Promoters:

  • Promoters of Sigma Solve Limited Company Kindly, Mr. Nitin Sachdeva Mr. Sachdeva and Manish Iqbalchand Mark T. River, Mr. Preeti Sachdeva, Ms. M/s DelaPlex Inc.

Object Of The Issue: 

  • APAC: Costs associated with sales, marketing, and advertising aimed at raising awareness.
  • financing the company’s requirements for working capital.
  • financing the company’s capital expenditure needs for the acquisition of office laptops.
  • general business objectives and an undisclosed inorganic acquisition.

Delaplex IPO Details and Timeline

Date of IPO Opening: January 24, 2024
Date of IPO Closure: January 29, 2024
The allocation basis is January 30, 2024.

Payback date: January 31, 2024
Credit Date: January 31, 2024; Demat Account:
Date of IPO Listing: February 1, 2024

IPO Size: 2,400,000 Equity Shares, about ₹46.08 Crores

Face value of each equity share is ₹10; the IPO price range is ₹186 to ₹192. Listed on: NSE SME
35% of the net offer is the retail quota.
50% of the net offer is the QIB Quota.
15% of the net offer is the NII Quota.

Financial Report for DelaPlex Corporation

  1. Revenue:

    • In 2021, DelaPlex Corporation had a revenue of ₹36.33 crores.
    • This increased to ₹50.34 crores in 2022, indicating a growth in sales.
    • Further growth was observed in 2023, with revenue reaching ₹55.22 crores.
  2. Expense:

    • The expenses for DelaPlex Corporation in 2021 were ₹31.18 crores.
    • In 2022, expenses increased to ₹42.32 crores.
    • In 2023, expenses slightly increased to ₹44.61 crores.
  3. Profit After Tax (PAT):

    • The Profit After Tax (PAT) for DelaPlex Corporation in 2021 was ₹4.04 crores.
    • In 2022, the PAT increased to ₹6.12 crores.
    • There was continued growth in 2023, with the PAT reaching ₹7.91 crores.
  4. 2023 6M (January to June):

    • In the first six months of 2023, DelaPlex Corporation generated ₹28.14 crores in revenue.
    • The expenses during this period were ₹22.38 crores.

Overall, DelaPlex Corporation seems to be experiencing positive growth in both revenue and profit over the years. It’s important to note that while revenue is increasing, expenses are also on the rise, although at a slower rate. Monitoring and managing expenses will be crucial for sustaining and maximizing profitability in the future. Additionally, understanding the specific factors contributing to the revenue growth can provide insights into the company’s success.

Remaining time left to APPLY


FAQs on DelaPlex IPO GMP Grey Market Premium Today:

As of right now, DelaPlex IPO GMP is ₹60.

As of right now, the DelaPlex IPO Kostak Rate is ₳-.

Today’s price for the DelaPlex IPO, subject to Sauda, is ₹25,000.

Expected returns for the DelaPlex IPO are 31%.

An NSE SME IPO is DelaPlex. Through an IPO, they plan to raise ₹46.08 crores. The equity shares in the issue are priced between ₹186 and 192. The NSE will list the IPO.

On January 24, 2024, QIB, NII, and Retail Investors will be able to participate in the IPO.

For QIB, the investors contribute 50%, NII 15%, and Retail 35%.

Check Allotment Status

DelaPlex IPO GMP


Please be aware that the DelaPlex IPO GMP  (IPO GMP) is only available for use on the date shown in the heading. Kindly note that we do not participate in the purchase or sale of initial public offerings (IPO) forms on the IPO Grey Market. In addition, the Kostak Rate is the premium that is earned when selling an IPO application to a third party off-market before the issue is allocated or listed. When purchasing an IPO purely on the basis of the premium price, please proceed with caution since the price may change before the offering. Before choosing an investment, we strongly advise you to carefully review each company’s fundamentals.


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