Latest IPO GMP, IPO Grey Market Premium Today & Kostak Rates in 2021.

Hello IPO enthusiasts, for a long time we have been listening about IPO Grey market premium (IPO GMP) and thinking about what is this new term, so let’s discuss this term today. You all would be familiar with the white market which is an official stock market but wondering what is this Grey market? 

Grey market is the market regarding IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) also called as IPO market. It’s not illegal but it’s an unofficial market and it doesn’t come under the regulation of SEBI. There is a group of people or small companies who regulates the shares before their IPO listing date. Grey market premium also called GMP is the value of a share before its IPO and this value gives an idea about the response of people for the IPO in the stock market. Remember it’s a highly volatile market.

Here’s the complete list for upcoming IPOs. 

IPO Grey market premium - Live IPO GMP today

Click on the links below to check the DAILY MOVEMENT of GMP for trending IPOs:-

Star Health Insurance IPO GMP

Tega Industries IPO GMP

Adani Wilmar IPO GMP

Anand Rathi Wealth IPO GMP

Live IPO GMP as of Today (2nd December 2021)

Grey Market Premium for the respective IPOs is updated every day at 10:00 am & 3:30 pm

IPO Name IPO GMP Today Kostak Rates Sauda Rates
Star Health IPO
Tega Industries IPO
Adani Wilmar IPO
Anand Rathi Wealth IPO

Can these Tech Startups give good IPO GMP in 2021?

Indian business ecosystem has realized the potential of startups that are unsettling the traditional businesses. By seeing recent oversubscriptions in IPOs many startups are showing interest to make their company public with the help of IPO. In US markets they had 2 successful tech startups (Airbnb and DoorDash) making debut with good grey market premium in 2020. And experts say this has impacted Indian investors and boosted their belief in Tech Startups.

Multiple Indian Startups like Zomato, PolicyBazaar, Nykaa, Flipkart, Delhivery, etc. are eyeing to make a debut in the year 2021. Also, Some big fat companies like Byjus and Pepperfry are getting ready to list on NSE and BSE.

Indian Government is also welcoming such tech startups to go for tech IPOs. The securities and exchange board of India (SEBI) has made it easy for new tech Startups to file an IPO by launching Innovators Growth Platform (IGP) and giving a head start by consulting them to file an IPO.

Due to the popularity of tech companies, we can expect very good subscriptions as well as Grey market premium (IPO GMP) for these startups. We will keep you updated regarding IPO news of startups so that you don’t miss out on an opportunity to invest in it.

Instructions to IPO Investors -

  1. You can see Grey Market Premium of IPO’s in the above table. We update GMP daily 4 -5 times on the basis of demand and supply criteria.
  2. We just try to show the demand of IPO in Grey market we do not accept buying or selling of shares or form in Grey Market.
  3. Don’t take buying and selling decisions by seeing GMP as it is highly volatile and changes every minute. 
  4. We are not advising any investor to buy or sell shares. Consult your financial advisor before taking any action. Here’s a quick read about what actually financial advisors do.

Mainline IPOs

16 - 20 July 2021
₹1073 – ₹1083
14 - 16 July 2021
₹9375 Cr.
₹72 – ₹76
07 - 09 July 2021
₹1546.2 Cr.
₹880 – ₹900
07 - 09 June 2021
₹963.28 Cr.
₹828 – ₹837
16 - 18 June 2021
₹520.17 Cr.
₹421 – ₹428
14 - 16 June 2021
₹1,107 Cr.
₹303 – ₹306
14 - 16 June 2021
₹5,550 Cr.
₹285 – ₹291
16 - 18 Mar 2021
₹1175 Cr.
₹86 – ₹87
15 - 17 Mar 2021
₹823.70 Cr.
₹1488 – ₹1490

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IPO GMP related FAQs -

IPO Grey Market Premium is also called IPO GMP in the world of the IPO Market. In this market, the premium is decided by considering the demand and supply for shares. Grey Market is not an illegal but unofficial market in which trading of shares happens on the basis of trust and is regulated by a group of people or small companies. Grey Market Premium indicates how the market will react on listing day, suppose company ‘XYZ’ is going to launch its IPO at a price of 200/share, and if the GMP is 80 then on listing day in the official market price of one share will be 200 + 80 = 280/share.

We have observed that this formula works in most cases but sometimes it doesn’t. Our researchers also observed when HNI and QIB category shows high interest in IPO then GMP increases suddenly. 

Kostak Rates are the price that the investor gets by selling his/her IPO application whether he/she gets the allotment or not. It is also called as application price. This is the safest way to earn profits in the IPO market as you are selling your application form before listing day without trying out your luck. Now if the investor doesn’t get an allotment then the application buyer gets nothing. As the investor has sold the application form on Kostak rates so investor gets the decided amount. But in case if an investor gets an allotment and the form is also sold, then profit minus Kostak rates need to be paid to an application buyer.

Subject to Sauda is the price which an investor gets by selling his/her IPO application. When IPO Grey Market Premium (IPO GMP) is good but the investor is not guaranteed about tomorrow’s condition then he/she can sell the application form and take price according to Subject to Sauda. In this, if an investor gets an allotment then he gets Subject to Sauda Price but if doesn’t get an allotment then its no profit no loss situation.

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